Cloud Services

Superior Endeavors’ Cloud Services provide flexible, reliable, secure, and cost effective ways to host and outsource applications and data. State of the art security, antivirus, and data center technologies keep critical communications and data safe. The goal of Cloud Services is to allow your organization to focus on its mission and not the technology needed to achieve that mission.


  • Reduced cost of managing and providing Line of Business applications
  • Improved application performance independent of the client device or the speed of the network connection
  • Secure anytime and anywhere access to applications and data
  • Increased application availability for employees and customers
  • Reduced risk and downtime


Superior Endeavors offers complete e-mail, collaboration, and file sharing services that can be customized to exceed client needs. SEI also offers comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solutions that have a cloud services component. The details are described in the sections below.

Microsoft Office 365 Collaboration and Messaging

Superior Endeavors is a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP).  This Microsoft partnership allows SEI to direct sell, service and support Microsoft cloud services offerings.

Microsoft Office 365 provides big business capabilities without the big business price.  All Office 365 features can be securely accessed from any device, providing anytime, anywhere access to your e-mail and data.  Microsoft Office software is also included with some of the subscription packages.

SEI will help choose the best plan(s) for your organization, setup and configure your services, and do the migration from your existing systems.

Protected Harbor® Business Continuity Services

The terms Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and Data Backup are often confused with each other. Business Continuity transcends Disaster Recovery and Data Backup because it is all about preventing problems before they happen AND, if they do, ensuring that plans and protocols are in place to minimize damage.

Business Continuity is ultimately concerned with making sure a business can outlast any emergency by safeguarding an organization’s greatest assets: its employees and its data.  The integration of Internet technologies and business has added exponential value to an organization’s data and its processing systems. Some statistics that highlight this are:

  • 24% of companies said they have experienced a full data disaster (Forrester)
  • 95% of companies experienced a data outage in the past year (Ponemon Institute)
  • 70% of companies that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year (Price Waterhouse Coopers)

(Price Waterhouse Coopers)  Only 23% of businesses backup their data daily, the most rudimentary form of disaster preparedness!

Superior Endeavors’ Protected Harbor® Business Continuity solutions provide everything from simple data backup to complete disaster recovery capability.  These solutions ensure that your organization does not lose critical data or experience costly downtime.  SEI will help you choose the plan and options that best fit your needs.  This includes setup, configuration, and ongoing monitoring and management.

More Information

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