Ransomware 101 – Part 3: Recovery

[su_row][su_column size=”1/2″]In part one and part two of our three-part blog series Ransomware 101, we explored ways to both prepare and prevent a ransomware cyberattack. Part three outlines the four steps to recover from a ransomware attack.[/su_column]
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How to Recover From a Ransomware Attack

A well-run IT security system can still be vulnerable to a ransomware attack.  However if an attack occurs, the recovery can be well-managed if company data has been backed up and a response plan is in place.

An organization should NOT pay the ransom unless they firmly believe the business will collapse without the lost data.

If the extortionists are paid there are no guarantees they will release the hostage data and little hope of catching them or recovering costs. The organization may also become a target for future attacks if they are known to pay the ransoms. Here are three steps to recover from an attack:

Step 1

Go into your lockdown procedure and quarantine any potentially infected workstations, servers, software, and applications.

Step 2

Remove the software threat when the affected system(s) are off the network.

Step 3

Restore any impacted files from your unaffected data backup.

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Even the best IT security planning and prevention protocols can be circumvented by user error and ever-changing cyber criminal techniques.

If you are prepared for a ransomware attack, it doesn’t have to be anything more than a rough day at the office.

Organizations with limited resources should consider outsourcing IT management and security to a local, professional Managed Services Provider (MSP) like Superior Endeavors Inc. SEI provides cyber security consulting and audit, data back ups, disaster recovery services, and continuous IT system monitoring to protect your organization from unnecessary downtime and loss of data.

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